9781523383009 Call Center Freak in Lessive 5580 Januari 2017

Engelstalig | Paperback | 2016

If you’ve ever wondered what strippers do when they ‘retire’ from the pole, then Dominque Garcia (or Niko as she prefers to be called) is about to take you on a ride that will explain to you just what happens when a stripper trades in her 8″ inch stilettoes and teeny bikinis for business suits and classy red bottom heels. Take a ride with the stripper formerly known as Treasure as she transforms into a corporate woman working what’s supposed to be a ‘regular’ 9-5 job, but is everything but ‘regular’. Dominque has made the decision to enter ‘corporate’ America and put her years of stripping in her rear-view mirror. Almost immediately, Dominque has all of her co-workers intrigued with her…..even some that she will soon realize have crossed paths with her and her previous life. She gets particularly close with Brielle, a seemingly sweet and naive woman married to a man that appears to be a Christian in every sense of the word, but harbors a dark side that not even Brielle knows about. Damond is the Head Manager of the CP & L call center that Dominque is now employed at and has been through almost of the women at the center. The two shared a steamy night three years ago at his bachelor party and he had vowed that he would never forget her. So when he realizes that Dominque is the stripper named Treasure that made his bachelor party unforgettable, he sets out to experience her as he did that night. Only thing is, Dominque does not remember who he is. But Damond is determined to refresh her memory, in more ways than one. When Dominique left the chaos of the strip club and started working in the CP& L call center, she thought that she’d left all the ratchetness that she faced as a stripper in the strip clubs. But she soon sees that working at the club may have been easier than dealing with the unexpected craziness of the call center. She finds herself in situations that she has never been in before and has to use her streets smarts to get out of them. Working at the call center was supposed to be a way to escape the craziness that she used to face in her previous profession, but she soon finds that when you work with Call Center Freaks, what’s supposed to be a normal day at work, will never be.” (EAN code:9781523383009 ,Turning in Her Stilettos for a Headset ) (ID: 9200000063482991 Amanda Bennett)

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Turning in Her Stilettos for a Headset

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